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Terms and Conditions

The parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, and in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter agree to the terms outlined in this Agreement (“Rental Agreement”). The following guidelines have been put in place to better serve you, the CLIENT, and for the protection of the outdoor entertainment and event venue and its amenities.

For good consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1. VENUE RENTAL FEES: Deposits and Payment Agreement 


1. 50% Security Deposit: (Non-refundable)

1.1. In order to reserve the venue for a specified date and time, the rental agreement will require payment of a 50% Security Deposit “Date Hold” (non-refundable), and $300.00 Damage /Trash Deposit (refundable) with a signed contract. Dates will not be held until such Deposits are paid in 

1.1. In order to reserve the venue for a specified date and time, the rental agreement will require payment of a 50% Security Deposit “Date Hold” (non-refundable), and $300.00 Damage /Trash Deposit (refundable) with a signed contract. Dates will not be held until such Deposits are paid in full.

1.2. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The CLIENT agrees to pay a 50% non-refundable security deposit of $________. This payment is to reserve the use of the VENUE for the specified date of EVENT and is payable when the Contract is executed. If for any reason, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS is unable to fulfill its contractual obligation under this Contract, the entire security deposit will be returned as full compensation for the cancellation. However, should the event be cancelled by CLIENT, this deposit is NOT refunded.

1.3. DAMAGE /TRASH DEPOSIT. A refundable damage/trash deposit of $300.00 is due with signed contract and can be paid separately. Returnable to the CLIENT within seven- ten days, upon inspection of the Venue.

1.4. The final and remaining balance is due 30 days before your event date. For rentals arranged less than 30 days in advance of event date, full payment is due with complet- ed contract. No work or event will be allowed to commence until full payment is received.

1.5. The rental period (“Access Period”) covers all time included for set-up and clean up, but if additional time is incurred on the day of the event, the CLIENT or the CLIENT’s official representative for the event is responsible for payment of the additional hourly fees at the time that additional time is discovered or immediately at the conclusion of the event.

1.6. Additional event hours can be secured at the rate of two hundred seventy-five dollars ($275.00) per hour.

1.7. The preferred method of payments are cash, certified checks, zelle, credit cards.

1.8. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right to cancel any event for which payment outlined above is not received by the designated date. If a cancellation occurs due to failure to pay the event fee by the time required, any payment made toward billing for the event in less than the full amount will be forfeited as liquidated damages. Said security deposit is nonre- fundable and retained as per that provision of this contract.


2.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS, hereby grants CLIENT(s) permission to use Vassé Ren- dezvous (Event Venue) for the (“Event”) to be held on ____________________. Access to the Event Venue will commence on and end on the date of the Event (“Access Period”}. Set-up and tear-down must occur during this defined period. If tear-down and removal of non-VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS equipment is not completed by the end of the Access Period, the Client will be responsible for additional rental time.

2.2. Access for CLIENT, CLIENT(s) vendors and CLIENT(s) guests is only allowed dur- ing the Access Period. Any other gatherings on VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS Property is not allowed without express permission from VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS.


3.1. CLIENT estimates that the following number of guests will attend the (“Event”):

Estimated Guest Count 0-50 Guests
51-100 Guests 101-200 Guests 201-300 Guests

________ ________ ________ ________

3.2. Should the final guest count be above the contracted guest range, CLIENT(s) will be responsible to pay for the next pricing tier. The final count and rental Fee true-up (if neces- sary) will occur at the 30 day meeting. No credit/refunds will be issued if the final guest count is less than the initial contracted pricing tier.


4.1. CLIENT(s) will participate in a planning meeting which will be held approximately 30 days before the Event (“30 Day Meeting”) with VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS staff, in person, zoom or by telephone. The CLIENT(s) party/event planner or Vassé Rendezvous’ planner should at- tend this meeting. After the 30-Day Meeting, all information and documents from meeting re- garding timelines, etc will be considered final plans. CLIENT(s) may incur additional fees for changes requested to these final plans.


5.1. There are NO REFUNDS. The entire rental fee is nonrefundable as your agreement to rent VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS may cause the loss of additional bookings or business. We will try our best to reschedule your event (1) time for another day.

5.2. All cancellations must be in writing.

5.3. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS shall have the right to terminate this contract if the CLIENT fails to meet or violates any terms of the contract, in which case the provisions of this cancella- tion policy also apply.

5.4. The CLIENT shall not assign or sub-lease any terms, conditions or services con- tained in this contract or any interest therein without the express written consent of VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS.

5.5. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS may cancel rentals due to inclement weather, emergency conditions, or events beyond the control of VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS. In case of the cancellation initiated by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS, all rental and deposit monies will be refunded.


6.1. No modifications. No amendment to or modification of or rescission, termination, or discharge of this agreement is effective unless it is in writing, identified as an amendment to or rescission, termination, or discharge of this Agreement and signed by an authorized repre- sentative of each Party.


7.1. CLIENT(s) shall not assign, transfer, delegate, or subcontract ay of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS. Any purported assignment, transfer, delegation, or subcontract in violation of this section shall be null and void. No assignment, transfer, delegation or subcontract shall relieve CLIENT(s) of its obligations hereunder. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS may at any time transfer, delegate any or all of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without CLIENT(s) prior written permission.


8.1. CLIENT(s) is responsible for any damages to VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS Event Venue and property that may have been caused by the Client and/or the Client’s guests and vendors. Clients are required to ensure their guests and vendors honor our policy. The Client is ultimate- ly responsible for any damage incurred. The Client is within his/her rights to seek redress for damage charges caused by Client’s guests and vendors. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS will not involve itself in these efforts.

8.2. Following the conclusion of the scheduled event, representative(s) from VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS shall perform a daylight inspection of the Site(s) rented by CLIENT. If the in- spection revels that there is damage to the Site(s) grounds and or facility, VASSÉ REN- DEZVOUS will provide CLIENT with a written itemization of damages, estimate of the cost of repairs, and the amount of additional funds due from CLIENT to pay for the repair of damages. If damage has occurred, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS will charge the damage amount to the Client’s credit card that was held on file for such purpose, or by sending out an invoice. If the Site passes inspection, the entire Damage Deposit will be refunded to the Client.

Note, Vassé Rendezvous staff will make reasonable best efforts to repair damage, charging only for labor. Should, however, the damage be extensive, Client will be responsible for re- placement cost.

8.3. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS will use reasonable best efforts to report any damages or loss of property to the Client on the day of the Event, however, some things may not be noticed until after the Event ends. Vassé Rendezvous reserves the right to make a thorough inspection of the property and identify/assess damages prior to the next scheduled Event or within ten (10) business days of the Event whichever is shorter.


9.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS will be in a clean condition prior to your event. Upon addi- tional planning, you will need to incorporate your set-up time and clean-up (tear-down) into the rental agreement. You are required to return the space to the same clean condition in which it was entered and found, unless payment for clean-up was made in advance.

9.2. Therefore, All trash on grounds and street (including but not limited to food, bot- tles, cups, napkins, paper, cigarette butts, cigars, etc) must be removed from site premises. All trash must be collected, promptly bagged and removed from the property by CLIENT(s), or the caterer at the end of the event. Failure to properly dispose of trash will forfeit the return of the $300 damage/trash deposit. This does not constitute an invitation to knowingly leave trash and forfeit the security deposit. If the site requires excessive extra time on the part of the Event As- sistant or other personnel, an increased fee will be assessed.

9.3. All rental equipment must be removed that night unless approved otherwise by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS. Additional fees will be charged if left overnight.


10.1. CLIENT(s), must obtain Special Event Liability Insurance, as it is required of

ALL clients. The insurance must, at clients sole expense, provide and maintain public liability and personal property damage insurance, insuring (must name) Vassé Enterprises d/b/a Vassé Rendezvous and its owners, officers, agents, employees, contractors and contracted vendors

Client Initial ________

as additional insured for any claim or claims against all bodily injury, property damage, person- al injury and other loss arising out of clients use and occupancy of the premises, or any other occupant on the premises, including appurtenances to the premises or event. The liability in- surance required hereunder shall have a single limit liability of no less than $1 Million, and gen- eral aggregate liability in an amount not less than $2 Million, at least 30 days prior to your event.

10.2. Failure to provide evidence of this Certificate of General Liability Insurance to VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS coordinators, 30 days prior to the event, can cause immediate cancella- tion of the event.

10.3. A certificate of insurance for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Limits protection in a combined single limit amount of no less than $1,000,000 is required for each

10.4. $1,000,000 Host Liquor Liability must be specifically included in the coverage. If

alcohol service is contracted to a caterer, the caterer may provide the required insurance. 10.5. Any caterers and/or outside vendors, companies, and/or installations MUST pro- vide a copy of their Certificate and Catering License to VASSE RENDEZVOUS at least 30 days

prior to the event.


11.1. Late Payments: If the Rental Fee is not paid in full, thirty (30) days prior to the Event, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right to cancel the Event without refund.

11.2. Declined Credit Card: In the event that any check is returned by the financial insti- tution, or a credit card is declined, Client must arrange for alternate payment within forty-eight (48) hours of notification and will be responsible for the Rejected Payment Fee.


12.1. All events must be scheduled through the VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS Manager and a VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS event staff member is required to be onsite for the events.

12.2. The CLIENT understands and agrees that they and their invited guests will abide by the requirements while on the VENUE. The CLIENT agrees to comply with all VENUE rules, regulations and policies as set forth in this contract. On-site VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS staff moni- tors event activities and has the authority to enforce contract rules.

12.3. No pets of any kind, are allowed on the grounds.

12.4. Outside rentals and equipment must be removed from the VENUE by the end of the Event unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Set-up for your EVENT may not begin before the contracted rental time on the day of the event unless prior approval is giv- en by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS.

12.5. Decorations, photos, lights, etc., may not be nailed, screwed, stapled or pene- trating items on our pavilion. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly re- moved. Damages will be billed to the credit card on file.

12.6. Artificial petals/leaves, glitter, confetti, rice, fireworks, and tiki-torches, are NOT permitted at the VENUE at any time. No EVENT furniture or equipment may be left overnight.

12.7. Fireworks of any kind, including sparklers are prohibited.

12.8. Children are not permitted to be anywhere on the VENUE Space unless su- pervised by an adult. Therefore children must always be supervised.

12.9. Use of open flame for any reason other than for food preparation and monitored by staff as detailed above is prohibited, unless approved by management.

12.10. No one, (Adults or children), is allowed near the lake area.

12.11. While electricity is available, the power supply is limited in some areas. In order to insure adequate power to accommodate a limited area, a generator is available for rental is needed, for an additional cost.

12.12. Arrangements for trash removal are the responsibility of the CLIENT. All trash must be bagged and removed from the property by client at the end of the event. Failure to properly dispose of trash will forfeit the return of the $300 damage deposit. This does not con- stitute an invitation to knowingly leave trash and forfeit the security deposit. If the site requires excessive extra time on the part of the Event Assistant or other personnel, an increase fee will be assessed.


13.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS does not have a license to serve alcohol in the City of Fort Worth or the State of Texas and is not insured in the event that harm comes to an individual as a result of an alcohol related incident. Therefore, we are not able to sell or supply alcohol at your event. When you choose to hold an event in a rented facility you are assuming liability for your guests and their behavior at the event. You must exercise careful judgement in serving alcohol and in understanding and compensating for any special problems your guests may have. As the host of your private party, while alcohol consumption is allowed at the venue, the CLIENT acknowledges responsibility for the proper and lawful consumption of alcoholic bever- ages at the VENUE during the duration of the event described in this contract. CLIENT also agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UN- DER AGE 21.

13.2. While BYOB is allowed, bartenders must be TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) certified, and all alcohol served through a licensed and insured bartender hired for the EVENT. The licensed bartender cannot be a friend or relative of the event party.

13.3. CLIENT(s) are required to provide a (1) million-dollar general liability insurance policy for alcohol being served at the Event. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS MUST BE NAMED ON THE POLICY AS THE CERTIFICATE HOLDER. (See SPECIAL EVENT / LIABILITY INSURANCE section)

13.4. While alcohol may be consumed on venue grounds, alcohol consumption is pro- hibited outside the property on Cravens Rd, street or in cars. No guests may leave the premis- es with open containers of alcohol.

13.5. Upon signing this agreement, the client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS and its employees, contractors from any damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise as a result of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the client and any of the clients guests. Any and all liabilities arising from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics (substances) on the premises are the responsibility of the CLIENT(s).

13.6. All Texas State Laws and Federal Laws must be adhered to at all times.

13.7. Drunken/Violent disturbances are prohibited and subject to immediate removal from the premise and possible termination of event without refund.

13.8. No alcohol can be served unless there is also food provided.

13.9. CLIENT(s) agree, for everyone’s safety, to ensure alcoholic beverages are con- sumed in a responsible manner. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right, in its exclusive dis- cretion, to expel anyone who in its judgement is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who shall in any manner do or participate in any act jeopardizing the rights, use per- mit, or insurability of VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS or the safety of its staff, guests, or event space and contents.


14.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for any damage to or loss of any articles or property left and other persons at the VENUE prior to, dur- ing or after the EVENT. No responsibility for insect bites, allergic reactions, accidents of any kind.

14.2. CLIENT agrees that VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS shall not be liable, not responsible and assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, sickness or injury of any kind or character to any person or property caused by or arising from any act or omission of the CLIENT, or any of the CLIENT’s guests, invitees, employees or other agents from any accident or causality; or for equipment rentals from other vendors that are used and placed on the venue.

14.3. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right to request any person or group of peo- ple acting unruly or contrary to rental regulations to leave the VENUE. Assistance from law en- forcement agencies may be obtained by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS if a request to leave the VENUE made by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS is not promptly followed.


15.1. At least one security officer or off-duty uniformed Fort Worth police officer is re- quired for weekday evenings (After 5pm), weekends, and all events with alcohol. The client is responsible for hiring and paying for the officer directly.


16.1. Live bands and DJ’s are welcome. However in consideration of the surrounding occupants. Music cannot be audible beyond VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS grounds. The proximi-

ty of local residences to the VENUE is such that venue sounds, specifically music, must be kept below certain levels, especially after 1:00am.

16.2. All loud music must end by 12pm Monday - Thursday, by 1:30 am on Friday, Sat- urday and Sunday.

16.3. All equipment must be installed and removed during the Access Period.


17.1. CLIENTS are welcome to use outside caterers and other vendors of their choos- ing as long as they carry liability insurance and have been approved by the venue. CLIENT must furnish VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS with a list of all event vendors and their contact informa- tion no later than 30 days prior to the event. (See 30-Day MEETING Session)

17.2. All caterers (Vendors) are required to provide VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS with a cur- rent business license, health permits and Certificate of Insurance ($1,000.000 covering work- man’s compensation, bodily injury, property damage, food and products liability).


18.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right to photograph, video and utilize live and still photographs of any event held onsite for future marketing and promotional purposes. It is understood by CLIENT, their guests and vendors that attendance at an Event at Vassé Ren- dezvous includes permission to use their images in such materials.

18.2. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS encourages CLIENT/CLIENT guests to take photos during the Event. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS hopes that CLIENT will share pictures so they can be used for promotional purposes.


19.1. CLIENT(s) may hold a (1) hour daytime rehearsal (before 5:00pm) to occur up to one (1) week prior to Event at no charge. In order to honor the exclusivity of other client events, the exact time for the wedding rehearsal time cannot be scheduled until 30 days prior to the Event. Availability is based solely at the discretion of VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS.

19.2. Rehearsals can be scheduled after 5:00pm and/or for more than (1) hours for an additional fee. This amount will be due upon receipt of invoice.


20.1. Set-up for your EVENT may not begin before the contracted rental time on the day of the EVENT unless prior approval is given by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS. It is recommended that at least one hours be allowed for event tear down.

20.2. Please allow enough time for setup, decoration and cleanup within the contracted rental time. Additional set-up and breakdown time is only available for the hours immediately before or after the event, and at Vassé Rendezvous’ discretion. You must request this time in writing at least thirty days prior to your event. CLIENT agrees to pay an additional two hundred seventy-five dollars ($275.00) per hour or in half-hour increments at a rate of 1.5 times our stat- ed hourly rate for EVENTS extending past the end of the rental time.

20.3. All trash on grounds and street (including cigarette butts) must be removed from site. All trash must be bagged and removed from the property by client at the end of the event. Failure to properly dispose of trash will forfeit the return of the $300 damage/trash deposit. If the site requires excessive extra time on the part of the Event Assistant or other personnel, an increase fee will be assessed. (SEE CLEANING, EQUIPMENT REMOVAL section)


21.1. Guest Parking is allowed ONLY in certain area on the premises. Please make sure that guests park only in the designated area.

21.2. When Loading and Unloading Equipment only, cars and vans are not allowed to park for longer than 30 minutes near the pavilion area. If there is heavy equipment, please connect with the management for requests and approvals of more than 30 additional minutes. No vehicles of any kind, including vendor vehicles at any point will be allowed to be at or near the pavillion area within 2 hours before an event. No exceptions.


22.1. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS is not responsible for personal affects and possessions left on its premises during or after any event. Every attempt will be made to return any recov- ered item to its rightful owner.


23.1. The CLIENT(s) covenants and agrees that VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS and it’s officers, directors, managers, shareholders, members, partners, employees, agents, affiliates, succes- sors, and permitted assigns (collectively, “indemnified Party”), shall not be liable to CLIENT or to CLIENT(s) guests, invitees, employees or other agents; for any losses, suits, actions, claims, damages, liabilities, judgements, settlements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs or ex- penses whatsoever including the cost of enforcing any right to indemnification under this Agreement, and the cost of pursuing any insurance providers, incurred by indemnified Party, relating to any claim of a third party or CLIENT(s) arising out of or occurring in connection with accidents, loss of life, personal injury, illness, property damage, or theft occurring at or in the vicinity of the VENUE, whether occurring before, during, or after the EVENT; arising from any act of the CLIENT or CLIENT’s guest, whether intentional or negligent. Client(s) shall not enter into any settlement without VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS’S prior written consent.

23.2. CLIENT(s) agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees incurred by VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS owner and representatives in defending any such claim or action brought against the owner and representatives.

23.3. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS is under no liability to client for the discontinuance of any utility caused by accidents, breakage, or strikes, or from any accidents or damage caused by handling of electric wires or lights.


24.1. IN NO EVENT shall VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS be liable for any consequential, indi- rect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or enhanced damages, lost profits or revenues, or diminution in value, arising out of, or relating to, or in connection with any breach of this Agreement, regardless of (a) whether such damages were foreseeable, (b) whether or not VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS was advised of the possibility of such damages, (c) the legal or equi- table theory (contract, tort, or otherwise) upon which the claim is based, and (d) the failure of any agreed or other remedy of its essential purpose.

24.2. In no event shall VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS aggregate liability arising out of or related to this agreement, whether arising out of or related to breach of contract, tort (including negli- gence), or otherwise, exceed the total of the amounts paid to VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS for the rental purchased thereunder.


25.1. In Order to protect the safety and well-being of all concerned, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS reserves the right to cancel the event in the face of a major acts of God, such as, but not limited to fire, natural disaster, hurricanes and floods, act of war, invasion, hostilities (whether war is declared or not) or terrorism threats or acts (domestic or foreign), riot or other civil unrest; epidemic or pandemic (including COVID-19), action of any governmental authority (including a Government Order) national or regional emergency, telecommunication break- downs, power outages or shortages, inability to obtain supplies of adequate rental equipment; other casualty, or other cause beyond the control of the impacted parties.

25.2. Including VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS’ (Event Owner’s or staffs illness or injury, whether or not foreseeable (‘Force Majeure Event”), then VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS will give notice to the client as soon as reasonably practicable after VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS determines that a Force Majeure Event will or may prevent VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS from performing under this Agreement. VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS shall have no obligation to perform under this Agreement and no liability for delays or failures to perform due to a Force Majeure Event, but VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS may, in VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS’ discretion, work with Client to find an alterna- tive date for the Event that is suitable to both CLIENT and VASSE RENDEZVOUS. To the extent the Parties cannot agree on a suitable replacement date consistent with VASSÉ REN- DEZVOUS’ availability, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS may also, in it’s sole discretion, refund fees paid to VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS under the agreement, less any non-refundable security deposits, amounts necessary to cover expenses and work (based on time spent by and already pre- formed in relation to the event, including but not limited to, pre-wedding or pre-event commu- nications, development of timelines, and preparation of the venue, for the event. In the case of a Force Majeure Event, VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS shall have no additional liability to Client with respect to the agreement beyond that described in this section.


This rental agreement shall be constructed under the laws of the State of Texas.


27.1. By signing below, CLIENT and VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS agree to the rental agree- ment. CLIENT’s signature indicates CLIENT has read, understood, agreed and voluntarily ac- cepted all of the above covenant, conditions terms and agreements. There are no other agreements, promises or conditions, whether written or oral between CLIENT and VASSÉ RENDEZVOUS.

27.2. This Agreement (including and together with any related schedules, attachment, and invoices) constitutes the sole and entire agreement of the Parties with respect to the sub- ject matter contained herein, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings agreements, and representations, both written and oral, regarding such subject matter.

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